Employer Testimonials

Coby Segall, Zebra Technologies

Sr. Manager, Engineering Product Innovation

“As the PEY lead for Zebra, I am continually impressed by the caliber of PEY students that come through our doors year after year. My advanced development team at Zebra has 10 generations of current and former PEY students who have become leaders and made tremendous contributions to Zebra’s growth over the years. I am proud to partner with the PEY program and with the excellent staff at the PEY management office.”

Ian Nelson, IBI Group

Associate, Manager of Information and Communications Technology

Alumnus 2001, Electrical Engineering

“By the start of my 3rd academic year I still wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with my career.  The PEY program offered me an opportunity to explore what a career in engineering would be like.  During my PEY internship I had a great group of senior staff who helped guide me, but I was also given independence to find my way and explore a variety of engineering work.  I liked the work so much that I returned to the company who hired me as a PEY intern.  I now hire PEY intern and help them find their way.  The program continues to provide high quality students capable of working in full time engineering roles.”

Matt Colwill, IBI Group

PEY Co-op Manager, IBI Group Associate

“We are huge supporters of cooperative education, and we believe that the PEY program is a source of great opportunity. We have recently enjoyed a run of exceptional students, who have not only played meaningful roles on a number of our projects, but who have also established a legacy of bottom-up innovation. By embracing both sides of the PEY-employer relationship, we have been able to take great benefits from the efforts of our students, and, I think that they would agree, we have also added significant value to their educations. A key factor in the success of our experience with the PEY program has been that we work very hard to not put limits on the student’s ability to contribute.”

Paulo Salonga, AMD

Director, RTG, Alumnus 2000, Electrical Engineering + PEY

“I completed the PEY program 17 years ago as an associate engineer in the Product Engineering in ATI. At the time I had been looking for an engineering opportunity that would allow me to work on something I was passionate about, semiconductors and electronics, while opening doors for me for future opportunities. The experience was invaluable in diversifying my skillset, learning from ATI’s top engineers and architects while giving me job offer upon graduation in the Continuation Engineering group. My advice is to do what you love and love what you do and the opportunities will follow.”

Sam Howe, Thales Canada Inc.

VOBC Manager, System Software

“Having gone through the co-op program myself when I attended university, I truly believe that hiring students for my department benefits both parties – the employer gets someone who is enthusiastic and eager to learn and perform, while the student gains new technical knowledge and helps to contribute to the overall objectives of the department.   I have hired students over the last few years and they have all performed fantastically, including Shirley; she has been able to quickly pick up the tools we use and contribute to their enhancements, as well as starting the development of a new automated testing tool.  Shirley demonstrated the traits that I think are more important than knowledge of any specific programming language –enthusiasm,  ability to learn quickly, and good problem solving skills. Having students work in my department has been a very positive experience for myself and my staff.”

Terry Borer, Intel

Site Lead and Senior Manager, Software Engineering


  • 2000 B.Eng, Engineering Science – Computer + PEY
  • 2005 M.Eng, Electrical & Computer Engineering

“I first learned about the PEY program as an Engineering Science student many years ago. PEY students contribute like full-time engineers and are treated that way. We also get to “try before you buy” a number of outstanding engineers. We are very pleased that so many have returned to join us full-time after graduation.”