Finding PEY Co-op & ESIP Jobs

Engineering Career Centre Portal

The Engineering Career Centre Career Portal manages all aspects of the PEY Co-op recruitment process. As an applicant seeking a job through the PEY Co-op Program, you are responsible for checking job requirements, policies and resources that are posted on the Career Portal. You are also responsible for checking your email regularly throughout the process. Most of our communication will be sent to the email address associated with your account regarding interviews, offers and updates on PEY Co-op processes.

PEY Co-op job opportunities are posted throughout the year; we encourage you to check the portal regularly and follow the instructions carefully on how to apply.

Through the Portal, you can:

  • View job postings
  • Upload job applications
  • View interview invitations and select interview time slots
  • Sign up to attend Employer Information Sessions
  • Sign up for workshops and book appointments
  • Upload important documents include your work permit, acceptance form, and PEY Co-op Contract
  • Job applications

While there is no limit to the number of job applications you may submit, remember that success comes from strengthening the quality of applications and not the quantity of applications. We recommend attending development workshops to help you identify job fit and create strong, tailored applications that will be noticed by employers.

All applications should include the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copy of Transcript (unofficial is fine)


Read the Interview Guide that is posted on the Career Portal. Interviews are critical to the success of securing an opportunity, therefore it is important to be prepared in advance. To help you prepare, you should plan to attend the ECC’s development sessions. You should also thoroughly research the organization, and know how to articulate your experiences and strengths in a professional manner.

Independent Placements

Finding Your Own Work Term – Outside of the Career Portal

You may obtain an independent PEY Co-op or ESIP job outside of the Career Portal. If the job is approved, you will be required to pay the PEY Co-op/ESIP Placement fee plus applicable incidental fees without exception.

Should you receive an independent offer, the job opportunity must first be reviewed to confirm eligibility and approved by Chioma Ekpo, Assistant Director, Engineering Career Centre. Email her the job description and  signed contract. Once approved, the employer and position will be officially registered in the PEY Co-op Program.

Should you receive a job offer on your own and wish to use it for the PEY Co-op Program, please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • The position must be paid and a full-time role that starts between May and September. It must be 12 to 16 months in length.
  • Submit a copy of your offer letter/contract, signed by yourself and your employer. The contract must include salary and start and end dates.
  • Provide the name, title, email address, phone number and work address of the contact person in the organization.
  • Contract will be subject to review and approval.
  • Submit your PEY Co-op Acceptance Form.
  • Pay your fees.

Securing a PEY Co-op Work Term

Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a PEY Co-op job offer, whether verbally or in writing, is considered final. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to carefully evaluate the offer prior to making a decision.

You should also observe the following policies:

  • Once a job acceptance has been made, you should cancel all interviews and decline future offers.
  • You are expected to commit to the entire work term stated in the contract.
  • You are not allowed to combine positions in multiple organizations.
  • You are prohibited from rescinding an offer unless you have a valid and justifiable cause such as those concerning health and safety.

Failure to follow these policies may lead to possible release from registration in the PEY Co-op program.

Letter of Offer/Employment Contracts and PEY Co-op Acceptance Form

To finalize your work term, you must complete the following two actions:

  • Upload the PEY Co-op Acceptance Form to the Career Portal soon after you accept the offer.
  • Upload the signed copy of the contract once it is released by the employer.

Work Term Information

To receive your PEY Co-op non-academic credit, you must submit the following:

1. Mid-term evaluation
2. Final evaluation
3. Final PEY Co-op Paper

Students will receive more information regarding this process once they have begun their job.