Student Guide to PEY Co-op & ESIP

Our Work Experience Programs

We offer two programs that are specially designed to help U of T undergraduate students develop the skills and experience they need for the workplace.

Professional Experience Year
Co-op Program
(PEY Co-op)

  • Continuous paid work-term for 12-16 months
  • Students start between May and August

Engineering Summer
Internship Program

  • Continuous paid work-term for 4 months
  • Students start in May

Timeline & Deadlines

Students Returning to School in 2018

Aug 1, 2018
Final evaluation & report deadline

Students Starting Work Terms in 2018

Sept 25, 2017 – July 22, 2018

Job search & interviews

May 2018 – Sept 2018
ESIP work term (4 months)

May 2018 – Sept 2019
PEY Co-op work term (12-16 months)

Aug 3, 2018
PEY Co-op job offer deadline

2019-2020 Recruitment Cycle

Sept 7 - Sept 17, 2018
Fall registration

Jan 9 - Jan 15, 2019
Winter registration

How to enroll in PEY Co-op or ESIP and earn your credit

1.  Register for PEY Co-op or ESIP

Registration takes place on the Engineering Career Portal during fall and winter registration periods. Before you register, review the PEY Co-op and ESIP requirements, eligibility, and fees.

International Students: Please review our required documents page to learn what documents are needed.

2.  Search for a job

Once you are registered, you'll be provided with a login for the Engineering Career Portal. Use the Engineering Career Portal to search for and apply to jobs.

If you choose to pursue a job that is not posted on the Engineering Career Portal, you will need approval from the Engineering Career Centre.

Read more about finding PEY Co-op and ESIP jobs.

3.  Prepare for your job interview and employment

The Engineering Career Centre runs workshops and events that help you prepare for your job.  We also provide one-on-one appointments for our students.

4.  Accept a job offer

Accept your job offer by filling out and submitting the required documents.  Your ACORN account will be charged the placement fee ($975) + incidental fees (varies). If you have questions about your job offer, email the Program Coordinator listed on the job posting.

5.  Attend the Transition to Workplace Workshop

After you accept your offer, you must attend the Transition to Workplace Workshop.  View upcoming sessions on our events calendar.  This mandatory workshop helps you prepare for your job and must be completed before your work term starts.

Students who are working internationally are also required to attend a Safety Abroad Workshop.

6.  Start your job and complete required work

Start your job! Remember that you can contact the Engineering Career Centre if you need guidance or support with work-related issues.

You will receive an email with information regarding the evaluations and other documents that you will need to complete and submit.  For PEY Co-op, you will submit a midterm evaluation, final evaluation and paper. For ESIP, you will submit a final evaluation and reflection.

7.  Return to you full-time studies

After you complete your work experience term, you will return to U of T to resume your studies.  Your evaluations, papers and reflections will be processed during the Fall semester.

8.  Confirm your PEY Co-op or ESIP credit

If you submit your evaluations, papers, and reflections on time, your PEY Co-op or ESIP credit will be updated on your transcript by mid-January.