Engineering Summer Internship (eSIP) Program

An Introduction to the Workplace

The Engineering Summer Internship Program (eSIP) is more akin to a traditional co-op placement where students work for four months and return to school full-time in the fall. If you are a second or third year U of T Engineering student interested in preparing for future employment, this introductory level program offers you the right balance of practical and personalized career development.

Our career counsellors will work with you through a series of interactive workshops and individual appointments to help you understand and identify what’s ahead for you in your career. Since the majority of applicants are in their second year, eSIP is particularly valuable in preparing students to be competitive for opportunities, such as the intensive PEY program.

 eSIP Highlights:

  • Paid four-month summer internship program
  • Introductory career development program
  • Open to second or third year U of T Engineering undergraduate students
  • An opportunity to learn and gain exposure in the industry, and to build your network of contacts
  • A chance to put into practice technical skills you learned in the classroom and improve your transferable skills
  • Prepares student to be competitive for future opportunities, including the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Internship

What our students have to say about eSIP:

“I am proud to say that I have gained confidence and stronger communication skills through my eSIP experience. The program allowed me to apply what I learned through my studies, and gave me a sense of direction for my future career.”
– Kevin Feng, eSIP student