Work Permit FAQs

Please note information may change without notice, so always refer to Centre for Immigration Canada for the most up to date information.

Who can apply for a Co-Op Work Permit?
Only students who are registered in the PEY Program and who have received an official letter of confirmation from the PEY Office may apply for a Co-Op Work Permit.
When should I apply for a Co-Op Work Permit?
We recommend you apply as soon as possible. As work permits can sometimes take a couple of months to process, you should apply well before you intend to start your PEY internship.
I need help in completing the Co-op Work Permit application form
The Centre for International Experience (CIE) office will hold PEY Co-op Work Permit Application Tutorial Session on the following dates. RSVP is required. Please bring your laptop along with your Passport, Study Permit and digital picture saved in USB.

Tutorial Schedule, Location, and Registration Links:
Centre for International Experience
33 St. George Street Room 102 214 College St, Toronto, ON, Canada

October 26th 12pm-1:30pm, register here!
October 29th 10am-12pm, register here!
December 16th 12pm-1:30pm, register here!
*Additional session will be added in January

How long will it take to issue my work permit?
Processing times depend on how busy the Case Processing Centre is at the time you apply. For updated processing times please check the CIC website.
Do I have to have a job offer prior to applying for a Co-Op Work Permit?
No. Your letter from the ECC will be considered your “job offer letter” and your employer will be the University of Toronto.
Can I use my Co-Op Work Permit to apply for non PEY jobs?
No. The University of Toronto will be listed as your employer on your work permit therefore it will only authorize you to accept jobs affiliated with the PEY Program in which you are registered.
What happens if my Study Permit or Co-op Work Permit will expire before I’m finished my PEY internship?
For details about extending a study permit please visit the University of Toronto’s Centre for International Experience (CIE).