PEY Placement Checklist

PEY Checklist (additional information below):

1. Before the Internship Start Date
  • Submit a PEY Acceptance Form 2017-2018 to the Engineering Career Centre (ECC)
  • Attend a Transition to the Workplace Session
  • Submit an electronic copy of your offer letter/contract to the ECC
  • Ensure you know the logistics of your internship: start date, work location, work hours, etc.
  • Ensure you have a Co-op Work Permit (only applies to international students working in Canada)
  • Ensure you have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) – applies to all students, domestic and international
  • Ensure you have appropriate visa and health coverage and have completed the Safety Abroad process (if working abroad)
  • Look into OSAP payment options (if receiving OSAP)
2. During the First Week of the Internship
  • Update your Career Portal Work Term contact information (work email, phone number, supervisor name, etc.)
  • Update your contact information in the Safety Abroad Database (if working outside of Canada)
3. Between July and August of the Internship
  • Check your ACORN account for the PEY fee and part-time incidental fees (you will be notified via email of a balance on your ACORN account)
4. Four months into the internship
  • Mid-term Evaluation due on Blackboard
5. March (monitor your UTOR email for exact dates)
  • Register for courses for the next academic term
6. September
  • Final evaluation and report due on Blackboard
  • Attend a PEY Debrief Session

Transition to the Workplace

PEY students who have secured an internship should attend a mandatory Transition to the Workplace session before starting their internship. Please check the ECC Career Portal Events & Workshops calendar to sign up. You can access the administrative information through this link.

OSAP Information for PEY Students

For the details of OSAP information 2017; click  OSAP INFO FOR PEY STUDENTS-Handout – 2017

For more information, please contact Enrollment Services at 416-978-2190 or

  • During your PEY you are not considered to be a full-time student, so your OSAP/out-of-province loans will go into repayment six months from the end of your current full-time study period, provided that your lender has up-to-date information on your current study period.

How is interest charged? While you are enrolled as a full-time student, the loans are interest-free. Once you’re no longer a full-time student, interest is charged but you do not have to begin payments for six months. This is referred to as the payment Grace Period. You can choose to begin repaying your loans early.

The floating interest rate on the Canada Student Loan is Prime plus 2.5% and on the Ontario Student Loan it is Prime plus 1.0%.

  • Repayment of the loans is “open” and you can increase payments at any time.

University Scholarships

If you have a university scholarship which is renewable for the 2017-2018 academic year, which is your PEY year, the funds will automatically be deferred while you are on PEY, the payment will be made once you return to full-time studies after your PEY.  Please note that Faculty awards will be paid during your PEY year.

Work Term Contact Information

While on PEY it is important that we have accurate contact information for you and your supervisor. Please ensure that you update this information in your Career Portal account under Work Term Record. Also, please monitor your University of Toronto email account on a regular basis.

PEY Evaluations and Reports

During your PEY internship, you are required to submit evaluations and a report to fulfill the program requirements. If your employer has her or his own evaluation forms, these will be accepted in place of the program’s forms. Your supervisor/manager is also required to complete sections of the evaluations and report. It is your responsibility to ensure these documents are completed and submitted on time through Blackboard. You may access the documents here: PEY Midterm Evaluation, PEY Final Evaluation, and PEY Final Internship Report.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the ECC at any point during your internship at or 416-978-3881 / 416-978-6649.