Internship Program Student FAQs

Need more information about our programs? Below are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question that is not answered here, would like to discuss a particular circumstance, or seek special consideration, please contact us.

Can I register for both programs?
Yes, we do have students who enroll in both eSIP and PEY. Below are a few scenarios to consider:

1) A student registers for both eSIP and PEY and then decides during the recruitment process which program to pursue.

2) A student completes eSIP in the summer, followed by a PEY internship starting in the Fall (back-to-back).

*in both cases, student are required to pay the fees associated with participating in both programs (registration and/or placement fees)

Please see our Internship Process chart for a better understanding of how each program works.

Can International students sign up for PEY?

International students that are interested in PEY require a valid Co-op Work Permit and Social Insurance Number (SIN) before beginning their internship. Only students who have an internship component which is an essential and integral part of their program may apply for a Co-op Work Permit. At this time, only Engineering and Computer Science St. George Campus students have this program requirement. If your degree does not specify this requirement, you will not be able to receive a co-op work permit. Without a work permit, you do not quality for PEY.

Can International students sign up for eSIP?
International students require a valid Study Permit to work during the summer for eSIP. The students must meet the eligibility criteria for off-campus work listed on this CIC link:
I am an International student who qualifies for PEY and/or eSIP. What is required of me?

For more information, please visit the international student section on our website here.

For further inquiries, please connect with the International Student Immigration Advisor at the Centre for International Experience.

I am considering doing an internship, but I’m not sure if I should register, and if I do, I don’t know which program to register for.
There are many benefits to completing an internship, but there are things you need to consider, such as if you’re willing to delay your graduation by a year and what your career/education goals are. Please have a look at our programs and review the Student Guidelines, which provide detailed information on PEY and eSIP.
I am a second year student. Which program should I participate in?
As a second year student, you may be eligible to participate in either eSIP or PEY. It is common for students to participate in eSIP during their second year, and then in PEY in their third year. This allows students to build their experience, and be more competitive when applying for PEY positions. Second year students can participate in PEY, but may find that many of the positions require more in-depth coursework and project experience that third year students have.
Should I register in the Fall or Winter? Is there a difference?
We have two registration periods because we have two rounds of recruitment, and we recognize that various factors are involved in a student’s ability to participate in eSIP or PEY. There is no disadvantage to joining in either period.

In some cases, students decide to focus on bringing up their grades during the Fall term and then register in January. Other students may decide to join in September and attend a few workshops, view internship opportunities in preparation, but do not actively apply for jobs until the Continuous Round begins in January.

Can I take a class during my PEY term?

While on PEY, your priority is to the work and ensuring that nothing interferes with your commitment to your supervisor. So first have a discussion with your supervisor about your interest in taking a course in order to get permission to do so. Reassure your supervisor that your commitment is to the internship and so if there are any critical work deadlines that fall on your course days/course deadlines you will ensure your work is not jeopardised and that you will make up the necessary time to meet your supervisor’s expectations.

I don’t have a resume yet. Should I create one before I register?
While it is helpful to have a draft of your resume ready, it is not necessary. Once you have registered you will have access to the developmental workshops and individual consultations in preparation for the job opportunities.
If I don’t secure an internship during the First Round, do I need to register again?
No, students only need to register once for the academic year. If you register in September and do not secure a placement, you will still be part of the program and able to continue participating in the recruitment process during the Continuous Round, which begins in January and goes through to mid-August.
What are my chances of getting an internship if I register for eSIP or PEY?
While not every registered student will secure an internship, we typically find there are more job opportunities than there are students to fill them. A student’s ability to secure an internship placement is highly related to their level of preparation and effort. To facilitate students’ understanding of employers’ requirements and their concept of fit, students are encouraged to attend the various workshops. Counsellors are available for individual consultations, and the overall ECC staff are available to guide students through the internship process.
I don’t have any industry experience. Will I be able to find an internship in my field of study?
Employers understand that, at this stage, students don’t have in-depth industry experience, so they recognize value in coursework, projects, summer work, research, volunteer and extra-curricular experience. Employers will also provide on the job training to help you understand and master the work you will be doing while completing your internship.
I am not in Engineering or Computer Science. Is it still possible for me to find a PEY internship in my field?
We have a strong reputation and history with employers in the Engineering and Technology sectors, so the majority of the positions we post are within these areas. As the program grows, more employers are posting from other areas, but students should be aware that they may need to do some independent job searching and use their networks and faculty to assist them in identifying appropriate opportunities. Our Career Counsellors are also available to assist in strategizing and developing a job search plan.
Where are the positions posted?
Once you are registered in PEY or eSIP, you will have access to the Career Portal, the online job database, where you can view and apply to the internship opportunities that employers submit during the recruitment rounds.
What is an independent PEY or eSIP?
Some students may choose to independently seek internships outside of the Career Portal through networking or contacting employers directly. In these cases, the Director must review the job description and contract to ensure the position meets the program requirements in respect to duration, salary, and career direction.
Do I still have to pay the placement fee if I secure an independent PEY or eSIP placement?
Yes, all students who secure a PEY or eSIP internship are still required to pay the placement fee. This fee is not a job finding fee or a charge for use of the Career Portal, but instead ensures that your student status is maintained while on internship, and your internship experience will be noted on your official university transcript. Your enrollment and placement fees cover all student development and employer coordination services provided by the Professional Experience Year Internship Program and the Engineering Career Centre.
Can Arts & Science students register for eSIP?

No. eSIP is only open to Engineering students.