Internships Overview

At the Engineering Career Centre (ECC), we offer 2 internship programs that are specially designed to help U of T undergraduate students develop the skills and experience they need for the workplace. Our internship programs are equipped with a range of opportunities and benefits that can be tailored to each student’s career pathway.

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Professional Experience Year Internship Program


As the largest undergraduate paid internship program in Canada, the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Internship Program provides students with 12-16 month work placements where they can apply their knowledge in a project-based professional environment and gain experience, skills, and knowledge that is vital to their ongoing career development.

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Engineering Summer Internship Program


The Engineering Summer Internship Program (ESIP) is a paid four-month summer internship program that prepares students to transition from school to the workplace by introducing them to workplace concepts, tools, and strategies. The program can act as a foundation to the more intensive opportunities in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Internship.

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