PEY Co-op Timelines

What is the hiring process like? What will happen during my work term? What about after my work term?

Our timelines outline the key activities that happen before, during, and after your PEY Co-op. You will be able to see a snapshot of what the programs will entail from when you register to when your transcript is updated with the non-academic PEY Co-op credit.


Hiring TimelineStart Date End Date
Job Posting PeriodSeptember 25, 2017June 30, 2018
InterviewsOctober 10, 2017July 22, 2018
Offer PeriodOctober 2017August 3, 2018
Accept OfferOctober 2017August 10, 2018
PEY Internship PeriodMay - August 2017May - September 2018
Submit Midterm EvaluationAfter 4 months at your internship
(September '07 - January '08)
Submit Final Paper and Final EvaluationAugust 1, 2018Late submissions will be accepted until Friday September 28, 2018.
Return to Full-Time Status StudiesSeptember 2018