Recent Grad/Alumni Testimonials

Emily Ng, Intel

Design Engineer, Alumnus 2016, Engineering Science + PEY

“My PEY experience exposed me to more topics in computer hardware, and ended up shaping the curriculum I chose for my 4th year at UofT Engineering.  I had the opportunity to work with people who are both experienced engineers and excellent mentors.  Ultimately it was an invaluable experience in which I learned a lot and made good friends.”

Jagdeep Rangi, Zebra Technologies

Software Developper, U of T Alumnus, ECE+PEY

“Choosing to do my PEY at Zebra was a decision I made after carefully considering my potential role and responsibilities as part of their advanced development team. The PEY provided me with technical experience and corporate exposure that shaped my career path after graduation.  I liked the practicality and applicability of work in the industry and was thrilled to receive a full time offer from Zebra before returning to university for the final year.”

Shahed Mirmohammadi, Hydro One

Protection & Control Technical Services, Alumnus 2015, Electrical Engineering

“The PEY program gave me the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain the experience that would differentiate me from my classmates after graduation. I made lasting connections with my managers and colleagues that led to my return as a full time employee. Now as a mentor to PEY students, I see the enthusiasm and work ethic they bring to our team every day. They work on meaningful and challenging tasks and bring a great energetic force to our team.”

Sishanthy Balachandran, AMD

Software Engineer Developer, Alumnus 2015, Computer Engineering

“As an Engineering student, the career prospects are endless and sometimes overwhelming. Joining AMD as a Software PEY Engineer in 2013-2014 provided me with the right exposure to discover my passion. I gained valuable experience working on the latest products, some not even released yet! Continually working on cutting edge technology provided excitement, chance to think outside the box and innovate.  Last but not least, the icing on the cake, AMD’s work culture is one of the most valuable assets AMD has to offer. There is always someone willing to help and there is plenty to learn at AMD.”