Student Testimonials

Arman Ghassemi, BlueCat Networks

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Computer Science + PEY

“My PEY experience at BlueCat has gave me the confidence and preparation I need for a role as a software engineer upon graduation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with two development teams at BlueCat which not only have I gained a new set of technical and soft skills, but also made long term connections in the tech industry. Such an invaluable experience has brought me back for another 4 month coop term.​”

Aya Elsayed, Intel

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Electrical & Computer Engineering + PEY

“Thanks to good mentorship and the work opportunities I was given at my PEY internship, I am now a better programmer, problem solver, and communicator. I also have a better sense of which engineering fields interest me most.”

Ben Waitzer, IBI Group

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Engineering Science – Infrastructure

“Working at IBI Group was an invaluable experience. I felt welcomed and valued as a peer amidst a team of brilliant people who were exceedingly generous with their knowledge and mentorship. I got to do meaningful work on a wide variety of different transportation planning projects and learn about the many different opportunities available in my field.  Most importantly, it showed me how the technical skills that are emphasized in class fit into the complicated endeavor of city-building, which is truly inspiring!”

Clara Siu, IBI Group

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Electrical Engineering + PEY

“This PEY placement has been a great opportunity for my professional development and personal growth. In school, I learn about very interesting concepts in communication systems, such as how different technologies work in sending, transmitting, and receiving information. At the internship, I get to appreciate how these concepts are applied in real-life applications, which have direct impact on improving the cities that we live in! A highlight for me is having the opportunity to learn more about the projects that I work on during meetings, as well as the opportunity to learn the supplementary concepts, standards, and practices through talking to my colleagues and managers. There are many components to every project, and it is very interesting to see how these components, including my work, all come together over time to form a whole. This internship has been highly rewarding, and has even sparked my interest in project management, which is something that I have never considered before my PEY placement.”

Conrad Chan, BlueCat Networks

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Computer Science + PEY

“My PEY experience so far has been great, I get to work with driven, talented individuals whom I can learn from and help further my career goals. Having a team-lead that is a U of T alumni who has undergone many similar experiences has really helped me transition into my role. Working at BlueCat has been a fantastic learning experience.”

Husham Hassan, EventMobi

PEY Co-Op Student 2016-2017, Computer Science + PEY 

“My PEY Co-Op  with EventMobi has been an incredible experience. By building and helping to scale the EventMobi platform, as well as taking part in company wide coding challenges, hackathons, and workshops, I’ve developed a strong foundation as a Software Developer. The company wide retreats and team outings have also helped me build great friendships along the way. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to grow both professionally and as a person!”

Jenni Lam, Intel

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Engineering Science + PEY

“The PEY program has allowed me the opportunity to cultivate the skills I’ve developed during my undergraduate, in an environment where my contributions have a tangible impact on company deliverables. Working closely with experienced professionals has helped me to improve my soft skills, and set realistic long term goals and expectations, which will continue to benefit me throughout my future career.”

Joshua Calafato, Intel

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Engineering Science – Computer & Electrical + PEY

“Being a PEY Intern at Altera/Intel FPGA has been a fantastic experience. Throughout the year I was able to tackle interesting problems which directly affected my team and the quality of the software the company releases. It has been a pleasure to work and learn alongside incredibly capable people, and I am sure that this experience will help me throughout my career as a student, professional, and an engineer.”

Kevin Jen, Zebra Technologies

PEY Co-op student 2016-2017, EngSci

“From low level software development to corporate strategy, my PEY experience at Zebra has given me an incredible learning experience in many aspects in the operation of an engineering company.  Through this, I’ve had the opportunity to explore new job functions and ultimately, better understand the career path that fits me the most.”

Mari Timmusk, AMD

PEY Application Engineer Co-op Student 2016-2017, Mechanical Engineering + PEY

“The PEY experience has given me the confidence and practical experience I need in order to feel confident I can succeed in the workplace. Being treated like a full-time engineer at AMD I have improved my communication skills, interacted with customers, solved real-world problems and contribute to longer term projects. PEY is an incredibly important experience that should not be missed by anyone.”

Sihan Davis Wu, Geomechanica

ESIP Software Developer Intern 2016-2017, Computer Engineering + ESIP + PEY

“During my time with Geomechanica I was able to grow as a developer through the responsibility I was given. The experience of developing something and seeing it released into industry is incredibly rewarding.”

Stewart Jamieson, Zebra Technologies

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, EngSci

“My PEY at Zebra gave me the opportunity to have a far greater impact on a grand engineering project than would ever be possible in a shorter length term. I have gained invaluable technical and professional skills from working in such an experienced multidisciplinary team, and have learned more about business and leadership than can be taught in any classroom.”


Tanner Young-Schultz, Geomechanica

ESIP Intern, Computer Engineering + ESIP + PEY

“Geomechanica allowed me to get my first experience in the software development and professional engineering field. I was able to apply my previous knowledge to the project, as well as learn new and interesting concepts during my time there.  The Geomechanica team was extremely welcoming and encouraging which helped me contribute to the project efficiently.”

Vibha Kumar, Intel

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Electrical & Computer Engineering + PEY 

“My PEY was a valuable learning experience and a good introduction to working in industry. It was a great way to get relevant work experience during my undergrad and it helped me develop skills that I am confident I will use throughout my career.”

Xian Shirley Zhou, Thales Canada Inc.

PEY SW Analyst Co-op Student 2017-2018, Electrical Engineering

“My experience working at Thales has provided me an incredible wealth of learning opportunities as I get to work on cutting-edge technologies with incredible peers and mentors. The best part of this internship is that I am given challenging tasks that no solutions have been developed yet. One of my favorite project is to develop a regression testing automation tool, which involves using multiple programming languages, operating systems, and tools that I had no prior experience with. What I learned from it was that the best way to learn something new is by actually doing it. Although my tasks were different from others on the team, I never felt like an outsider. One of my colleagues once said to me: what you are doing is really critical to us, and it is going to save our lives. It felt really awesome to be appreciated for the efforts I have put into the task.”