COVID-19 Student FAQs

We understand that this current pandemic can be a very challenging time. Many of you may have questions. We have compiled some FAQs to help you through this trying time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

My employer has already made arrangements for me to work from home until further notice. Do I have to notify the ECC?
If you are, or will be, in a safe working environment and can continue your work, there is no need to notify our office.

If any details of your work term has changed, like your start or end date, please let us know by e-mailing the details to

My employer has notified me that my work term has been terminated due to Covid-19. What are my options?

We recognize that this is an unfortunate result of the unforeseen pandemic.  The current situation may directly or indirectly affect everyone in the workplace, including PEY Co-op and ESIP students.

The Engineering Career Centre is committed to supporting you throughout any transition that may occur during your work term.

Please notify the ECC by e-mail at, and include your supervisor or HR representative’s contact information.

To determine whether you qualify for Employment Insurance benefits or for the Canada Recovery Benefit, please visit the Government of Canada website.

What happens if my PEY Co-op work term is less than 12 months?
The PEY Co-op office is committed to staying flexible regarding PEY Co-op credits in these scenarios and grant students their PEY Co-op credit where possible.

Completion of the Final Self-Evaluation, Final Supervisor Evaluation and Final PEY Co-op Report will still be mandatory.

What should I do if I decide to shorten my term?
If you would like to change the end date of your contract due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the PEY Co-op office must conduct further assessment.

  • Are you still working on-site and feel at risk?
  • Can your employer make the necessary arrangements for you to work from home?
  • Was there a change in the terms of your employment agreement?
  • Is there a critical situation at your own home that needs to be taken care of?


Contact us at to discuss your options.


If you are shortening your contract for any other reason than Covid-19, the ECC will assess your credit eligibility based on our previous policies.  Please note that these policies state that you are required to adhere to the duration of your agreed upon contract in order to be eligible for the PEY Co-op credit.

I am working on-site, however I do not feel safe going to and coming from work. I am not able to complete my work from home.

The health and safety of our co-op students are paramount, and the University and the PEY Co-op program expects that any organization remaining open and willing to host students will maintain safe work environments and adhere to all relevant federal and provincial government and University health regulations and requirements.

Students should not feel compelled to do something that, under the circumstances, feels unsafe.  Contact with the contact information of your supervisor and/or HR representative.  We will assess any alternative arrangements that can be made for you in line with your employer’s business continuity plan..

Are students able to access any financial reimbursement as a result of loss of work?

For students who have been laid off or have stopped working because of COVID-19, some financial resources may be available to you during this time. To determine whether you qualify for Employment Insurance benefits or for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), please visit the Government of Canada website.

The University of Toronto has Emergency Assistance Grants available to assist current U of T undergraduate students impacted by COVID-19.  Please visit the University of Toronto Finances page for more information.

Students who are or were outside of Canada who have questions related to flight bookings and related expenses should contact the Safety Abroad Office for guidance at

If you have other specific concerns, please reach out to our office directly.

What happens to my health insurance if I am temporarily laid off or terminated early?
PEY Co-op students automatically have health and dental insurance coverage through Green Shield when they pay their part-time incidental fees, as part of the Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students (APUS).  To access Green Shield and submit claims, please see below.


How to Access Green Shield

  • Under “Register Here”
    • Plan Number ID: APU+studentID (ex.: APU1234567890)
    • Registration key + your date of birth
    • Don’t have a registration key? Click here for a step-by-step instruction guide on how to get a registration key


Benefits and Claims

  • Please review your Benefits Booklet to learn more about your coverage and the Student Online Claims booklet for more information
  • Some health and dental providers (for example: pharmacists and dentists) may be able to submit claims electronically on your behalf directly to Green Shield Canada (GSC)
    • In these cases, provide them with your policy number (APU+studentID) and they will send a claim to the insurance provider for the amount covered by the plan
    • You will then only need to pay the remaining balance upfront
  • You can use the Find a Health Provider search tool in Online Services to see if the provider is eligible with GSC and can bill directly
    • You can also ask your current provider what they are able to submit on your behalf
  • You may submit eligible claims online
    • By creating an online account and submitting claims electronically, you are eligible to get your money back faster
    • You are able to enter your direct deposit information or receive reimbursements by cheque in the mail


For any additional questions, please contact APUS directly at

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