Independent Work Terms

Registration Process

  1. If you are considering obtaining an independent work term, or if you have already secured an independent work term, you must register in the program and pay the applicable program registration fee.
  2. Registration must take place during the fall or winter registration period.
  3. If you missed the fall or winter registration period, there may be an opportunity to get registered, provided your independent work term is approved. Follow the steps listed in the “Approval Process” section below and we will follow up with the registration details.
  4. If the independent work term is approved, students will be required to pay the applicable program work term fee for ESIP.

Approval Process

Submit the following information via email to us at . To expedite the approval process and confirm the work term, please include the following information in one e-mail. You will receive confirmation of approval and the position will be registered.

  1. Independent Work Term Approval Form
  2. Job description (see the ESIP work term notes below).
  3. The signed contract with the student signature and employer signature. The contract must include the salary, start and end dates, and written in the English language.
  4. The completed ESIP Work Term Acceptance form.  The forms are on the Required Documents page under Job Acceptance Form
  5. Deadline to apply to get an Independent Work Term approval is July 26th, 2021


ESIP work term notes:

  • The opportunity must be a paid, full-time role for 4 months over the Summer
  • The opportunity must take place between May 2021- August 2021
  • The end date must not be later than the first week of September 2021 as you must be available to return to school the first week of the 2021 fall term

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