Student Guide to PEY Co-op

Timeline & Deadlines

Students Starting Work Terms in 2021

October 5th, 2020- July 2021

Job search & interviews

May 2021– September 2022
PEY Co-op work term (12-16 months)

July 26th, 2021
Deadline for submitting independent work terms

August 2021
PEY Co-op job offer deadline

2021-2022 Registration:

2022-2023 Registration: 

September 10-21, 2021

January 5-17, 2022

** Dates are subject to change

2021 - 2022 PEY Co-op Recruitment Dates

PEY Co-op Overview

The following information applies to these cohorts:

  • Students in their 2nd or 3rd year of study during the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Students in their 3rd year of study during the 2021 – 2022 academic year


1.  Register for PEY Co-op

Registration for PEY Co-op is now closed and will re-open in early September 2021. Please check back over the summer months for deadlines and instructions. In the meantime, do review the eligibility criteria to get a head start.

If you’re an international student, please review additional instructions on the visa/work permit application process.

To complete your registration to PEY Co-op, you will pay a $125 registration fee (non-refundable) to gain access to co-op services and the Career Portal to facilitate your job search.

Questions about registration? Email:


2. Search for a job

Once you are registered, we will send you login information to access the Engineering Career Portal. This portal is your gateway to thousands of job postings from our network of employers worldwide. You’ll use the Engineering Career Portal to search for and apply to positions that interest you.

If you choose to pursue a job that is not posted on the Engineering Career Portal, you will need approval from the Engineering Career Centre.

Read more about finding PEY Co-op jobs.


3.  Prepare for your job interview and employment

To help you prepare for success in both your job search and during your work term, you’ll participate in workshops, events, advising sessions and more.

Our business development team is working with new and current employers around the world to secure both in-person and remote work-term opportunities for our students. While the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many companies to adapt their operations quickly, employers recognize the value of hiring U of T Engineering talent to bring a fresh perspective to evolving challenges. We have also adapted our programming to consider the current climate in industry to help you succeed in your future work term.


4.  Accept a job offer

Congratulations on a successful job search! Accept the job offer that best aligns with your career goals by filling out and submitting the required documents. Once you secure your position, in August you will pay the work-term fee of $975 plus your U of T incidental fees to ensure uninterrupted access to important services, like health insurance.

The Engineering Career Centre is here to support you throughout your job-search process, including navigating your job offer. If you have questions, you can connect with the Co-op Coordinator listed on the job posting.


5.  Attend the Transition to Workplace Workshop

A big part of having a successful co-op work experience is understanding how to prepare for the professional work environment. As such, before you begin your work term you’ll complete a mandatory workshop called Transition to Workplace.


6.  Start your job and complete required work

It’s your time to shine while on the job! Remember that you can contact the Engineering Career Centre if you need guidance or support along the way. You will receive an email with information regarding the evaluations, site visits and other documents that you will need to complete and submit as part of your PEY Co-op experience.

7.  Return to your full-time studies

After you complete your work experience term, you will return to U of T to resume your studies.  Your evaluations, papers and reflections will be processed during the Fall semester.

8.  Confirm your PEY Co-op  credit

If you submit your evaluations, papers and reflections on time, your PEY Co-op credit will be updated on your transcript by mid-January of your fourth year.

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