PEY Co-op Program
Recognition Awards

With our annual PEY Co-op Program Recognition Awards, the Engineering Career Centre celebrates the students, employers, and ambassadors in the engineering community who contributed to the excellence of our flagship work-experience program.



When will the nomination window open for the 2022-2023 PEY Co-op work term?

Nominations are now open! Nominations submissions are due on Monday February 5, 2024, at 11:59pm. Please find the links to nominate in the awards categories at the following site: PEY Co-op Program Recognition Awards webpage.

Who evaluates the nominations?

A selection committee was established to evaluate the nomination forms and choose finalists and winners. The committee comprises individuals from the PEY Co-op office, faculty and staff from the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, and the Engineering Society.

Can I submit multiple nominations for the same award?

Yes! All nominations will be considered by the selection committee, but only successful nominations will receive awards.

How will I know if my nomination was successful?

We will let all nominators know whether their submission was successful following the evaluation process.

What is the timeline once I have submitted my nomination?

After the nomination deadline, the selection committee will convene to determine the finalists and award winners. Winners will be contacted in February or March to provide more information.


Nominating students

Can I nominate a PEY Co-op student who is currently working in my company?

The aim of each year’s awards program is to recognize students from the previous cohort of PEY Co-op students (i.e. in 2023, we recognize students who completed their PEY Co-op positions in 2022 and are currently finishing their degrees).

Please do keep your 2022-2023 PEY Co-op students in mind for out sixth annual PEY Co-op Recognition Awards in 2024!

How will my student nominee(s) be assessed?

Student nominees will be evaluated based on the demonstrable value they brought to their PEY company, the high level of their performance in comparison to expectations or to other co-op students, and their overall positive impact on the quality of their work and organization.


Nominating employers and mentors

How will my employer/mentor nominee(s) be assessed?

Employer nominees will be evaluated based on the quality of the work experience they provided, the direct contributions they made to the student’s co-op program, and their commitment to improving the professional development of PEY Co-op students.

Mentor nominees will be evaluated based on how they helped students adjust to their role and reflect on their goals, their availability to students, and their overall dedication to providing valuable guidance.