Professional Experience Year
Co-op Program 
(PEY Co-op)

The Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op), hosted by the Engineering Career Centre (ECC), is a work-integrated learning program that helps undergraduate students gain paid, meaningful work experiences. These work experiences provide a competitive salary, an extensive network and professional skills that students will leverage for years to come.

Students can apply their knowledge in a professional environment twice during their undergraduate degree: once during an optional four-month summer co-op after second year, and again after third year in a 12-to-16-month position. Often in project-based, engineering and innovative settings, students gain experience, skills, and knowledge that is vital to their ongoing career development.



"Thanks to good mentorship and the work opportunities I was given at my PEY Co-op, I am now a better programmer, problem solver, and communicator."

Aya Elsayed

PEY Co-op Student


"As the PEY Co-op lead for Zebra, I am continually impressed by the caliber of PEY Co-op students that come through our doors year after year. I am proud to partner with the PEY Co-op program and with the excellent staff at the PEY Co-op management office."

Coby Segall

Sr. Manager, Engineering Product Innovation, Zebra Technologies

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