The PEY Co-op Program is still open to First Year Engineering Students.

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What is Professional Experience Year Co-op (PEY Co-op)? 


PEY Co-op is a work-integrated learning program that helps you gain 12 to 20 months of paid work experience before you graduate.

Hosted by the Engineering Career Centre, PEY Co-op prepares you for the world of work from first year all the way to your first day on the job. The program will guide you through a process of personal and career development to prepare yourself for work opportunities that align with your personal career goals. You will engage in a 12-16 month work-term after third year, and have the option to complete an additional 4-month work-term prior to that, allowing you to gain up to 20 months of paid work experience. 

Access the Virtual Handbook

Submit the form below to access the free PEY Co-op Handbook, get an inside look at the program, and gain a better understanding of the preparation needed to experience success in the world of work. After completing the requirements outlined in the handbook, you will then be eligible to progress through the program after first year.
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What you'll learn: The PEY Co-op advantage, The Process & Outcomes, The Networks You'll Gain, Skills for Success, Key Career Resources, Personal Reflection, Student Experiences, Employer Testimonials

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* First Year Engineering students only


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