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Engineering registration

Are you a first- or second-year student?

When to register for PEY Co-op

If you didn't indicate your interest in PEY Co-op when you applied for U of T Engineering and you later decide that you'd like to participate, you can still register during your studies until a specified date.

We encourage you to register earlier rather than later so you can begin your career exploration at an optimal point in your degree and have ample time to complete the required material. 

First year students can register at any point during the academic year. However, registering earlier in the year will give you sufficient time to complete the Baseline Self-Reflection. There are no fees associated with the first year of PEY Co-op. 

Second year students who did not register in first year must register by a specified date. (This is usually the deadline to add new courses for the winter term of Year 2, which falls in January.) Upon registration, you'll need to complete the Baseline Self-Reflection in order to access the Preparatory program and progress through it on time. *Please note that fees will be applied once participation in the Preparatory program begins. 

How to register

Engineering students:

  1. check the Engineering eligibility requirements
  2. fill out the form below to begin the process.

UTM students:

  1. check the UTM eligibility requirements
  2. consult the registration information on the UTM website.

PEY Co-op Registration Form

* First & Second Year Engineering students only

Once you've registered

Once you've filled out the form above and have been registered in PEY Co-op, you can access the learning material for the first year. This consists of the Introduction to PEY Co-op, approximately six to 10 hours of self-paced online learning activity. Through this, you'll get an inside look at the program and begin your career exploration.

After completing the required Baseline Self-Reflection outlined in the Introduction to PEY Co-op, you'll then be eligible to progress to the second stage of the program.


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