What is PEY Co-op?

Career preparation for tomorrow's engineering leaders

U of T Engineering students can choose to graduate with up to 20 months of meaningful work experience, a competitive salary, an extensive network, and professional skills they’ll leverage for years to come.

That’s what we deliver through PEY Co-op, our flagship work-experience program with a proven track record going back more than 40 years. Created in collaboration with industry partners and engineering leadership experts, this program is designed to help you build your professional profile and prepare you for long-term career success.

Participation in PEY Co-op automatically fulfills the Practical Experience Requirement for your studies.

The PEY Co-op experience is built on three pillars

Lay your foundation

Starting in first and second year, you’ll complete foundational programming designed to orient you to different industries, develop your job search strategy, build and maintain your professional brand, prepare for workplace dynamics, and understand the support resources available to you as you complete the PEY Co-op recruitment cycles and work terms. This programming will set you up for to not only secure exciting work term opportunities that align with your skills, values, and interests, but also make the most of work term experiences.

Apply your knowledge

Drawing on the career confidence you’ve developed, you’ll apply to and interview for co-op positions that align with your goals. Through our robust network of employers, you’ll have access to 1,900+ jobs around the world and across every sector. There are two recruitment cycles: during second year in preparation for an optional summer co-op work term, and during third year in preparation for a 12-to-16 month work term.

Showcase your talent

While on the job, you’ll immerse yourself as a full-time employee. Working for 12 to 16 consecutive months after third year will give you ample opportunity to make meaningful professional contributions and build a valuable network. You’ll also have the option to work for an additional summer co-op work term after second year, giving you up to 20 months of paid professional work experience before you graduate.

You can find more information about PEY Co-op and the benefits of participating in the program here. You can also find FAQs for Future Students here.

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