UTM Students

University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) eligibility for PEY Co-op

UTM undergraduate students in any of the following programs may be eligible to participate in PEY Co-op:

  • Information Security Specialist
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Computer Science Specialist, Major, or Minor

Students must meet and maintain the PEY Co-op eligibility requirements throughout the program:

  • Complete CSC207H5 / CSC207H1 / CSCB07H3 in either the fall or winter sessions of their second year.
  • Remain enrolled in a full-time course load for the semester before and after each work term in the PEY Co-op program.
    • Students with part-time status may be considered for the program if they have received accommodation from the University. Students with PEY Co-op accommodation needs should contact the ECC office.
  • Remain in good academic standing throughout the duration of the program and associated work terms.
  • Remain in good financial standing at the University of Toronto.
  • Not currently part of another co-op program at the University of Toronto.

While the ECC aims to help students prepare themselves for the job market, selection of students for work terms is done by employers and the ECC cannot guarantee a placement. Students who are not selected for a work term are not required to pay the fees for that instalment.

International students

Both domestic and international students are eligible to participate. All international students require a valid work permit to participate in a work term. Currently, only international students at UTM who are enrolled in an Information Security Specialist or Computer Science Specialist or Computer Science Major program meet this requirement.

The UTM International Education Centre can provide guidance and support for those who require it. Students are encouraged to apply for any required work permit as soon as possible after being admitted to PEY Co-op.

Further information

UTM students can find more information here.

Students registered in PEY Co-op can also access more information on program requirements through Quercus.

Program fees

12-16 Month Work Term Students

The course “PEY400Y1Y” will be added to your Summer and/or Fall 2024 student record based on your start date, between May and September 2024. You will be required to pay the appropriate fees in accordance with the Student Accounts Office. Fees may include an ACORN System Access Fee. The next PEY Co-op Fee Installment will be applied to your student account in Fall 2024.

While you are participating in a PEY Co-op 12-16 month work term, you are considered a part-time student. You will need to follow the same registration procedures and deadlines as other part-time students.

However, for the purposes of managing OSAP repayments, some insurance registrations, GO Pass discounts, and for international student enrolment requirements, a PEY Co-op 12-16 month work term is considered a full-time engagement.

Summer Co-op Work Term (SCWT) Students

The course “PEY300Y1Y” will be added to your student record for Summer 2024 if you have declared a SCWT during the PEY Co-op, 2024 Summer Co-op Work Term recruitment cycle. There are no PEY Co-op fee installments associated with this work term. However, you may be required to pay other fees in accordance with the Student Accounts Office. Fees may include an ACORN System Access Fee. The next PEY Co-op Fee Installment will be applied to your student account in Fall 2024.

Fee information for PEY Co-op students

PEY Co-op fees are posted centrally, through the Student Accounts Office website. Understanding how to navigate this site is critical to ensuring you know what fees you will be charged on ACORN as a registered PEY Co-op student and on what schedule.


To locate your applicable PEY Co-op fees:  

Step 1: Go to the Student Accounts Office website 

Locate the link that corresponds with the information you are looking for (for example if you are seeking fees associated with the current fall-winter term, click on Current Fall-Winter fee and Refund schedules). Please note that PEY Co-op fee instalments are viewable in Fall/Winter fee schedules only. 


Step 2: Selection of fee schedules 

The site will provide you with direction on what links to click based on your faculty or campus of study. PEY Co-op fees for all students are posted in the fee schedules for “Applied Science and Engineering, Faculty of – Undergraduate”. This applies to both Engineering and University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM) students. 


Step 3: Selection of fee type 

The site will provide you with fee type options (Domestic Ontario Resident, Domestic Non-Ontario Resident, and International Students). Follow the links that best correspond to your circumstances.  

Once selected, you will land on a PDF document with a number of tables that provide you with fees that may be applied, dependent on your specific circumstances. For PEY Co-op fee installment information, refer to Table 2.B in the PDF document.  

Please note that at certain times of the year, PDF documents displaying fees may be momentarily unavailable as they are being updated.  

If you have questions regarding fees associated with the PEY Co-op program, please reach out to registration.ecc@utoronto.ca.  


Mandatory Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees 

Your incidental, system access and ancillary fees can be viewed by visiting Ancillary Fees – Planning and Budget.