Requirements, Eligibility & Fees

The information on this site applies to students who entered their Engineering degree prior to September 2020.


Work Term Requirements

To participate in the PEY Co-op Program, you must agree to the following terms:

  1. You will secure a paid, continuous, full-time position in a reputable organization. No split terms allowed.
  2. All PEY Co-op positions must be 12 to 16 months in length.
  3. Before beginning your position, you must submit a signed copy of your PEY Co-op Work Term Agreement Form and Offer Letter/Contract. The Offer Letter/Contract should include signatures from both the student and employer, the start and end dates, and salary information.
  4. Students are required to complete the mandatory Transition to Workplace workshop prior to the start of their work term

Requirements, Eligibility & Fees

To participate in the PEY Co-op Program, you must be:

  • In good academic standing
  • A Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen or International undergraduate student studying full-time in a program as outlined below
  • Currently in third year with the expectation that you will return to full-time studies at U of T*
  • Not currently part of another co-op program at U of T, including the AEINTCOOP subject POSt
  • Students with part-time status may be considered for the programs if they have received accommodation from the University. Examples of accommodation include, but are not limited to: being registered with Accessibility Services, or an active Varsity athlete. Students will need to contact the ECC for a registration assessment. Please contact

*This means transfer students/fourth-year students may be eligible for our programs if they plan to return to full-time studies at U of T for the academic term (September) following the PEY Co-op work term to complete degree/POSt requirements.

PEY Co-op
Permanent Residents or Canadian CitizensPEY Co-op is open to Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens who:

- Study at any of U of T's campuses (STG, UTM, UTSC) in any undergraduate program. The focus of the program is for students in an engineering or applied science program (e.g., Engineering, Computer Science, Commerce, PTP, Mathematics)
International StudentsPEY Co-op is open to international students who:
• Have a valid study permit
• Studying in any of the following undergraduate program:

St. George Campus:
• Engineering
• Computer Science, Major or Specialist
• Data Science Specialist
• PTP, select POSt’s

UTM Campus:
• Computer Science, Major or Specialist
• Information Security, Specialist

Only international students studying in the above disciplines qualify for the PEY Co-op program as it fulfills the degree requirement for the integrative and inquiry-based activity. Students require this degree stipulation in order to be eligible for the Co-op work permit. The Engineering Career Centre (ECC) in collaboration with the Centre for International Experience (CIE) will guide you through the Co-op work permit process once the registration period has ended.

If you experience difficulty registering for PEY Co-op during one of our registration periods, please email with your situation and student number.

Program Fees

PEY Co-op
Program Fees

* Please note these fees apply only to students who entered their Engineering degree prior to September 2020.
Registration Fee: $125 (non-refundable)

Once you register into the program, you will pay a registration fee which will give you access to our Career Portal and services. For the academic year, you only need to register once.

Work Term Fee: $975

Once you secure a job, you will pay the work term fee paid in August via Acorn.

To ensure uninterrupted access to important student services (like health insurance), you will continue to pay University incidental fees while you work at your PEY Co-op job.

If you receive OSAP, you will retain your student status while working at your PEY Co-op position. This means you will not begin repaying OSAP while you work.

For full details regarding OSAP please visit our FAQ page.