Required Documents

International Students

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program

Co-op Work Permit: International students are required to begin their co-op work permit application as soon as they are registered within the PEY Co-op program. Students should not wait until they secure a placement to begin the application. Processing your co-op work permit takes a few months. It is crucial to have your co-op work permit finalized before your work term starts. You will receive a PEY Co-op confirmation letter from our office once registration closes that is required for your work permit application. The ECC will reach out to provide you with resources to help you with your application.  Visit The Centre for International Experience (CIE) for additional information.

International Student Resource & Requirements Tip Sheet

Working Abroad

Given that Global Affairs Canada has changed the world-wide travel advisory to “avoid non-essential”, as of December 15, 2021, all university sanctioned activities outside of Canada are cancelled for U of T students, until further notice. This decision is in line with Canadian Government travel advisories, given the changing and continuing nature of the current pandemic. The University will review the situation regularly over this period and provide updated communication should pandemic circumstances, public health and global affairs directives change. For regular updates, you can visit the VP Students COVID-19 FAQ page.    

2021-2022 PEY co-op participants with potential job offer outside of Canada are encouraged to negotiate with their employers to undertake their co-op roles remotely without travelling internationally. Please email for guidance.

NOTE: The Engineering Career Centre, PEY Co-op program would like to ensure your safety and well-being while working abroad. Please observe the travel restriction set out by the University of Toronto and the Safety Abroad Office. Ensure that you have clarified the permissible travel dates with both your co-op coordinator and your employer.

All Students

Job Offer Agreement Forms 

1. Complete and submit a PEY Co-op or ESIP Work Term Agreement Form via the Engineering Career Portal. 

2. To supplement your agreement form, also submit a copy of your employment contract via the Engineering Career Portal. 

Before Your Work Term

You are required to read the below document for your administrative information and complete the mandatory Transition to Workplace session and quiz available via Quercus starting Winter 2022 as part of the  FASE_PERM_PEY and ESIP Co-op 2022-2023 course. Log in to the course and complete the transition module along with the quiz. 

Taking Courses

  • Course registration and participation is not permitted during the first four months of a work term (i.e., the entirety of the ESIP or the first four months of a PEY Co-op work term).
  • If you would like to take a course while on your PEY Co-op work term, you must submit a completed PEY Co-op Course Approval Request Form (signed by your work term supervisor/manager) to to receive approval at least ten business days before the start of the course.
  • Students will not be approved to take more than 0.5 FCE per term and must not exceed a total of 1.0 FCE over the entire duration of the work term.
  • Students must ensure they will come back to full-time academic studies for the semester immediately following their work terms (i.e., Fall).

While on a work term, your priority remains with your employer and contract. Students are strongly advised to not enroll in any courses while on their work terms and should not request any time off to study, attend classes, or write exams during their work terms.

If you are considering enrolling in a course that occurs during your work term, please connect with your Academic Advisor prior to registering for the course to ensure you will return to full-time academic status immediately following your work term.

Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines may result in a student not fulfilling the PEY Co-op program requirements and this may result in an NCR (no credit) for the work term on their transcript.

During Your Work Term

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program

2021-2022 PEY Co-op students:

TimelineStudent RequirementsSupervisor Requirements
Within the first three months of the work termEarly PEY Co-op student self-reflection form
Four to five months into the work termMidterm PEY Co-op Student Performance Evaluation and meeting with student to review the evaluation
Within the last two months of the work term (keep to the due dates indicated)Final PEY Co-op student self-reflection formFinal PEY Co-op Student Performance Evaluation
August Final PEY Co-op Report

For detailed information on PEY Co-op Evaluation Requirements, please review the PEY Co-op Evaluation Instructions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the PEY Co-op Evaluations or Final Reflection Report please contact us at


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