Required Documents

The information on this page pertains to the previous format of the PEY Co-op program, and only applies to students who were in their third year of study during the 2021-2022 academic year

International Students

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program

Co-op Work Permit: International students are required to begin their co-op work permit application as soon as they are registered within the PEY Co-op program. Students should not wait until they secure a placement to begin the application. Processing your co-op work permit takes a few months. It is crucial to have your co-op work permit finalized before your work term starts. You will receive a PEY Co-op confirmation letter from our office once registration closes that is required for your work permit application. The ECC will reach out to provide you with resources to help you with your application.  Visit The Centre for International Experience (CIE) for additional information.

International Student Resource & Requirements Tip Sheet

Working Abroad

University of Toronto Safety Abroad Requirements

  1. All students participating in university activity, including PEY Co-op outside of Canada must review the University of Toronto’s Safety Abroad requirements.
  2. The Safety Abroad Pre Departure Workshop is available online and can be completed at your own pace. Please register for the Workshop here, and then the four modules will be available on Quercus. If you have any difficulties submitting the modules, please let us know.
  3. Secure appropriate and sufficient Travel Health Insurance.
  4. Complete the required information under the Safety Abroad Registry as accurately as possible.
  5. Review and agree on the terms and conditions stated on the Consent & Terms of Participation Waivers, which are part of the Safety Abroad Registry.

For additional updates related to COVID-19, please visit the Safety Abroad Covid-19 Planning page

If you have questions, or any difficulties accessing the Registry or Workshop, please email


PEY Co-op and Summer International Work Term Requirements

  1. Work Visa or Work Permit. Clarify whether your employer abroad will assist you in obtaining a work visa and start your visa application months prior to your travel. You may need to research what documentations are needed to legally work in the country where you will be completing your PEY Co-op work term. Please read the Co-op Abroad Tip Sheet under the Resources tab on Career Portal for more information. Email if you need guidance and direction.
  2. Extending Canadian study permits for international students. International students completing their co-op abroad should monitor the validity of their study visa in Canada and should request for an extension at least 2-3 months prior to expiration. Students should mention that they are on full-time student status while on PEY Co-op work term to ensure that their stay outside of Canada will not impact their eligibility to secure a post-graduation work permit. International students who have questions about study permits, are encouraged to request an appointment with the Centre for International Experience’s Immigration Advisors to discuss their student visa prior to travelling in another country.


Health and Wellness

Your health and wellness are our top priority. We recommend that you clarify what health and safety protocols are being practiced by your hiring organization prior to your travel. Have a conversation with your Human Resources regarding their policies and know who to contact internally in the organization if you need assistance. Review the COVID-19 Planning page for things to consider and a COVID-19 Travel Checklist. Please refer to the guidelines set up by the University of Toronto and the Safety Abroad office or contact for support. Access the Health and Wellness Resources when needed.

All Students

Job Offer Agreement Forms 

1. Complete and submit a PEY Co-op or ESIP Work Term Agreement Form via the Engineering Career Portal. 

2. To supplement your agreement form, also submit a copy of your employment contract via the Engineering Career Portal. 

Before Your Work Term

You are required to read the below document for your administrative information and complete the mandatory Transition to Workplace session and quiz available via Quercus starting Winter 2022 as part of the  FASE_PERM_PEY and ESIP Co-op 2022-2023 course. Log in to the course and complete the transition module along with the quiz. 

Taking Courses

We strongly discourage taking courses during a work term. Your priority remains with your employer and contract while completing a work term. The dual demands of full-time work and academic engagement can limit your optimal performance in either or both.  

Employers are not obligated to grant you time off to complete coursework. Carefully consider whether you should continue your studies and speak to your academic advisor AND your employer about your decision 

If you enroll in a course while on a work term you are expected to: 

  1. Meet all the requirements set out by your Manager/Supervisor for the duration of the work term. Course work must not disrupt your performance in the workplace.
  2. Complete all course work and assignments outside of regular working hours, including exams. 
  3. Return to full-time academic studies for the Fall term immediately following your work term. Failure to return to full-time studies may result in an NCR (no credit) notation on your transcript or your removal from the PEY Co-op program.
  4. As an international student, please consult with the Centre for International Experience’s Immigration Advising Team to ensure you are aware of how your student enrollment status (full-time or part-time) can impact your eligibility to work in Canada.

During Your Work Term

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program

2021-2022 PEY Co-op students:

TimelineStudent RequirementsSupervisor Requirements
Within the first three months of the work termEarly PEY Co-op student self-reflection form
Four to five months into the work termMidterm PEY Co-op Student Performance Evaluation and meeting with student to review the evaluation
Within the last two months of the work term (keep to the due dates indicated)Final PEY Co-op student self-reflection formFinal PEY Co-op Student Performance Evaluation
August Final PEY Co-op Report

For detailed information on PEY Co-op Evaluation Requirements, please review the PEY Co-op Evaluation Instructions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the PEY Co-op Evaluations or Final Reflection Report please contact us at