When to register in PEY Co-op

PEY Co-op is an optional program. Recently, over 90% of first- and second-year Engineering students have participated.

Registering sooner rather than later will provide more time to complete the required program components and make the most of the first- and second-year programming.

You can register in one of two ways:

1. Upon application to U of T's Engineering program

Most participants indicate their interest in PEY Co-op when they apply for studies at U of T Engineering. You will be asked to answer a yes-or-no question on the Engineering Applicant Portal.

Your answer will not affect your admission eligibility in any way (i.e. it will not be more competitive to get into the Faculty if you've chosen PEY Co-op).

If you change your mind later, you will be able to withdraw from the program.

2. Early in your Engineering studies

If you didn't register for PEY Co-op when you applied for U of T Engineering and you later decide that you'd like to participate, you can still register for the program during your studies. You would do this on our website; then we confirm eligibility and set up new participants on our online systems.

You can register anytime during your first year, and in your second year you can register until the January deadline to add new courses.