For biotechnology employers

  • Work terms of 3 to 4 months and 12 to 16 months accommodate your organization’s timing.
  • Wage subsidies, including the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), may offer you up to $7,000 towards salary costs.
  • A comprehensive workplace readiness program means students come to the job as professionals.
  • Over 2000 students from engineering and other technical disciplines register in the PEY Co-op program every year, giving you a large pool of talent to choose from.
    • In recent years, on average women have constituted 40% of first-year Engineering classes and 32% of incoming students have had an international background. The diversity of our student body will bring new perspectives and fresh thinking to your organization.
  • A dedicated team from the University's Engineering Career Centre will help you throughout: from registration and hiring to hosting information sessions and more.
  • No fees to post jobs, interview on-campus or hire.

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ECC is now accepting postings for work terms starting between May and September 2023.

Contact us soon: January and February 2023 will be busy hiring months!

Companies who hire from the PEY Co-op program: