Why students choose PEY Co-op


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The ECC also offers events during the year where you can hear from participants and former participants about their experiences.

Students summarize their experiences

Benefits of PEY Co-op

  • It’s more than a foot in the door

    You'll work full time for an employer of your choosing for 12 to 16 consecutive months after third year. You’ll apply your education to industry challenges while making meaningful professional contributions. Through PEY Co-op, you can focus on career development without needing to switch between work and school each semester. 

  • It's paid

    PEY Co-op students earn an average of approximately $50,000 annually, with top salaries reaching $90,000 in 12 months. You'll also position yourself perfectly to negotiate a post-graduation starting salary that is 15% higher than those without the same quality of experience. 

  • It offers an additional opportunity

    In order to satisfy PEY Co-op requirements, students must obtain a minimum of 12 months’ consecutive work experience with one single employer. An additional opportunity for PEY Co-op participants is a summer co-op work term lasting from three to four months. Students who complete both work terms can earn up to 20 months' paid work experience before graduation.

  • It fits seamlessly into your journey

    PEY Co-op has proven to be an invaluable part of the student success journey. After working for 12 to 16 months, you’ll return to school with new insight into your career path. You will bring an enhanced perspective back to the classroom and explore your interests having had a robust marketplace experience. The 12-16 month work term allows the employer to involve the student in higher level work which often translates into higher salaries and enhanced work opportunities post-graduation. 

  • Top employers come to you

    PEY Co-op companies represent every sector and include major global brands such as AppleTeslaProctor & Gamble and IBM. Some employers only hire PEY Co-op students because it’s their best return on investment. PEY Co-op is also an excellent way for employers to preview and recruit future talent.

  • Choose from opportunities around the world

    In 2020-2021, 1692 PEY Co-op students had access to 493 employers and 2000 jobs. PEY Co-op employers range from local startups to large international companies across every sector. In an average year, one in 10 participants works outside Canada. You will apply and interview for the positions you’re most interested in, and accept the job offer that best aligns with your goals.  

  • Graduate a step closer to being a professional engineer

    You can apply 12 months of PEY Co-op experience toward acquiring your  P.Eng. designation from Professional Engineers Ontario.  

  • Gain professional confidence before starting your job

    We will work with you to ensure your resume and interview prep showcase your strengths before you begin applying for PEY Co-op positions. Career counselling and professional skills development are all important parts of the process. Workshops and guidance on everything from networking to negotiating salary will serve you as you apply for PEY Co-op positions and well beyond graduation.