Clara Siu

Clara Siu, IBI Group

PEY Co-op Student 2016-2017, Electrical Engineering + PEY

“This PEY placement has been a great opportunity for my professional development and personal growth. In school, I learn about very interesting concepts in communication systems, such as how different technologies work in sending, transmitting, and receiving information. At the internship, I get to appreciate how these concepts are applied in real-life applications, which have direct impact on improving the cities that we live in! A highlight for me is having the opportunity to learn more about the projects that I work on during meetings, as well as the opportunity to learn the supplementary concepts, standards, and practices through talking to my colleagues and managers. There are many components to every project, and it is very interesting to see how these components, including my work, all come together over time to form a whole. This internship has been highly rewarding, and has even sparked my interest in project management, which is something that I have never considered before my PEY placement.”