Xian Shirley Zhou

Xian Shirley Zhou, Thales Canada Inc.

PEY SW Analyst Co-op Student 2017-2018, Electrical Engineering

“My experience working at Thales has provided me an incredible wealth of learning opportunities as I get to work on cutting-edge technologies with incredible peers and mentors. The best part of this internship is that I am given challenging tasks that no solutions have been developed yet. One of my favorite project is to develop a regression testing automation tool, which involves using multiple programming languages, operating systems, and tools that I had no prior experience with. What I learned from it was that the best way to learn something new is by actually doing it. Although my tasks were different from others on the team, I never felt like an outsider. One of my colleagues once said to me: what you are doing is really critical to us, and it is going to save our lives. It felt really awesome to be appreciated for the efforts I have put into the task.”