Hiring FAQs

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If I post a position, do I have to hire a student?
No, you are not obligated to hire a student for any position that you post with us. We do ask that you please update us on the status of the posting, in terms of whether it has been filled with our student, a student from another university, or if it was not filled at all.
Is there a fee to post and how long should I post my position for?
No, there is no fee to post or participate in our programs. Determining how long to have your posting open depends on your recruitment timelines. Typically positions are posted for a period of two weeks to allow enough time for students to prepare their applications and apply. We can certainly extend the posting timeline if you wish. We notice that most students submit applications closer to the posting deadline. This is not a reflection of their interest in the opportunity but a way to manage the demands of the recruitment process and their academic commitment.
Do you vet the applications for us?
No, we post your job description and leave it up to students to determine if their skills and experience are a good match for the position. Employers will review the applications to select potential candidates. Our counsellors work closely with students to provide guidance during this process.
Will we be matched with a student?
No, we don’t match students to employers. Our process is to post the jobs and work with students to prepare their applications. Employers will decide which students to interview and hire. The student will decide whether to accept or decline the offer. Our counsellors work closely with students to provide guidance during this process.
What paperwork is involved upon hiring a co-op student?
Please submit the letter of offer/employment contract directly to the student, with a copy to the Program Coordinator. During the course of the work term, students are required to submit evaluations and a final report to fulfill the program requirements. As such, students are encouraged to take the lead in meeting with their supervisor to review and complete these documents. The submission timeline, guidelines, and templates for these documents are available on our website.
Is there a fee involved for students accepting a work term position?
Yes, students must pay the associated program fee. Some employers reimburse their students for this fee, as a hiring incentive.
If I hire a student, am I eligible for the Cooperative Tax Credit?
Employers in Ontario may be eligible for financial support through the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit, resulting in a refundable tax credit equal to 25-30% of eligible expenditures (i.e. up to $3000 for each qualifying work work term). If your organization is eligible to receive an Ontario Employer Tax Credit, the Engineering Career Centre will prepare the tax credit for you. To determine eligibility and for more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at:
How is a student hire different from a full-time hire?
Hiring a student is quite similar to a temporary contract position hire. As a student employer you will receive support from the Program Coordinators as they organize the various stages in the recruitment process and work closely with you to facilitate your recruitment needs. There is no fee to recruit from our programs.
Are students able to relocate?
Yes, students complete work terms locally, out of province, and internationally. If your organization offers any relocation support, we recommend you note it in your job posting.
How much are co-op students paid and do they work full-time or part-time?
Hired students must work full-time during their work term. Some of our employers have their own pre-determined salary levels for co-op students. We record our salary statistics annually, and new employers may choose to refer to these salary ranges to help determine the rate they are willing to pay prospective student hires.
What do I do if I have concerns about the student?
We strongly encourage you to contact us if you have concerns about a student’s performance or well being. Student employees are subject to the same performance standards, ethics and code of conduct that you would expect from any employee. Our office is here to support both the employer and student throughout the work term.
If we like our student, can we hire her or him after the work term is completed?
After completing the work term, students are required to return to their studies to complete their degree requirements. You may choose to offer the student a position to fulfill another work term or offer a position post-graduation.
How do I become a registered employer?
Register your organization on the Engineering Career Centre’s Career Portal: https://uoftengcareerportal.ca

  • Click on ‘Employers
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Register for an Account’

The Career Portal is the hub where our students, recent graduates and alumni visit for job opportunities. From your account, you will be able to post opportunities, view submitted applications, schedule interviews, and extend offers. We require complete information recorded in the system for easy reference. You will receive a confirmation email after your registration is approved with details on next steps. This usually takes one business day. You will then be able to post your opportunities. There is no cost to registering, posting, or recruiting from any of our programs.

Previous users: Please use the same login information. If you have forgotten your login details, please contact us career@ecf.utoronto.ca

Which students qualify for ESIP or PEY Co-op?
ESIP and PEY Co-op is open to all eligible second and third year full-time engineering students. PEY Co-op is also open to eligible second and third year students in select Arts & Science disciplines. See the tables below.


ESIP & PEY Co-op Engineering Student Disciplines

·         Chemical Engineering  ·         Material Engineering 
·         Computer Engineering  ·         Mechanical Engineering 
·         Electrical Engineering  ·         Mineral Engineering 
·         Engineering Science  ·         Civil Engineering 
·         Industrial Engineering   


PEY Co-op Arts & Science Student Disciplines

·         Computer Science ·         Pharmacology
·         Actuarial Science ·         Toxicology
·         Commerce/Business
·         Pharm Chemistry
·         Life Sciences ·         Mathematics 
·        * Other

* Consult a PEY Co-op Program Coordinator if you are you interested in recruiting from a discipline that is not listed above.

What do I need to include in my job posting?
Hiring a student begins with the development of a relevant and descriptive job explanation. When you post your position on the ECC Career Portal, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Job title (descriptive and relevant)
  • Number of positions
  • Rate of Pay
  • Hours per Week
  • Length of Position (start and end date)
  • Location of position
  • Description of duties/responsibilities (detailed)
  • Qualifications (skills, abilities, knowledge)
  • Application deadline
  • Indicate any further information required for the application process, such as forms or transcripts, as well as other important information the applicant should know.
What are the recruitment and overall program timelines and activities?
You can find recruitment timelines for each program on the Hire a Student page.
Will students be aware of their ranking?
Students will only be aware of their ranking if they are ranked #1 and have an offer pending. They will be not be aware if they are ranked #2, #3, etc.
Are students matched?
No. An employer makes an offer and the student decides to accept or decline.
What if my offer is declined?
If the offer is declined it will automatically go to the next ranked student, who will then have 48 hours to decide. If you are unsuccessful during Round One, we encourage you to repost in the next Continuous Round, which runs from January to August.
Can I make an offer directly to students?
The PEY Co-op Program is designed for our students and employers to participate fully in the recruitment process, allowing students to interview for multiple opportunities with the support they need to make an informed decision on their work term. Our commitment is to serving our clients; students and industry partners, within a fair and transparent process. Any disruption to this approach jeopardizes our relationship with industry partners, our ability to fully support our students, and the integrity of the PEY Co-op Program. We strongly request that job offers are presented with the set timelines. While you may express your intent to make an offer, we do not condone early offers prior to the scheduled offer release date.
How and when will I be notified of a student's decision?
An automated email will confirm the student’s acceptance or decline. Additionally, the PEY Co-op Coordinator will connect with you to confirm and finalize the work term. At this point, please connect with the student regarding your on-boarding process.